SebaBajar is revolutionizing the gig and retail economy with a fintech twist, offering a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses to thrive. At its core, SebaBajar is not just about providing a wide range of services—from ride-sharing, food and product delivery, to on-demand services for home repairs and healthcare—but about enabling people to seize economic opportunities with groundbreaking financial solutions.

For service providers, SebaBajar breaks down barriers to entry by offering EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) plans for essential tools of the trade, such as bikes, cars, and mobile devices. This unique model allows drivers, delivery personnel, and on-demand service providers to start earning without upfront costs, becoming owners of their vehicles and devices as they pay off their purchase price through their earnings.

Retail and store owners are equally empowered with EMI-based Android tablets, integrated with the SebaBajar Shop App, to streamline business operations, manage accounts, monitor stock, and boost online sales—all while building their digital presence and expanding their customer base.

Beyond business, SebaBajar commits to community welfare through its CSR initiatives, building a robust blood donation network and a prescription repository, alongside offering telemedicine services facilitated by dedicated tablets and apps for doctors to extend healthcare access.

SebaBajar is more than a platform; it's a holistic ecosystem designed for economic empowerment, health, and community wellbeing, positioning itself as a leading fintech innovator in the gig and retail sector.