Connect, Empower, Thrive - Your Service Ecosystem Simplified

SebaBajar is the synergy of convenience and opportunity, uniting consumers, service providers, and shop owners in a single, powerful platform designed to streamline services, enhance growth, and foster a thriving community.

SebaBajar is revolutionizing the service and retail landscape with a unified platform that simplifies access to a wide range of services for consumers, while empowering service providers and shop owners with financial tools and a seamless ecosystem to grow their businesses. With lower costs, comprehensive management capabilities, and a community-focused approach, SebaBajar is not just an app—it's a movement towards a more connected and efficient future.

Looking for services?

SebaBajar for Consumers: Unleash the Power of Convenience. Access a world of services—from transport to handyman help, food delivery to health services—all in one app. With SebaBajar Wallet, enjoy a seamless experience and easy purchases, while connecting with a community for health support and blood donation. Simplify your life, enrich your experiences.

Are you a service provider?

SebaBajar for Service Providers: Your Business, Streamlined. Say goodbye to high fees and hello to a low monthly subscription. Our dedicated app offers a unique quick booking feature, empowering you to start services faster and manage your business with ease. Join us and elevate your service game.

Are you a shop owner?

SebaBajar for Shop Owners: Keep More of Your Earnings. Tired of losing a chunk of your sales to high commission fees? Our flat monthly charge model is the solution. Manage orders, deliveries, bookkeeping, and stock—all from one app. Plus, with our integrated digital ad feature, target nearby customers effortlessly. Transform your shop's operations and boost your bottom line with SebaBajar.

Are you ready to go?

We’re so excited to introduce SebaBajar, a way to get easy access to your desired services.

We have three apps. SebaBajar is for customers, SebaBajar Partner is for service providers and SebaBajar™ Shop is for all types of store owners/managers. Download the app that suits you.

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